“Starcom culture believes in enriching the lives of their employees and in turn letting their employees take time to give back to others outside of the desk job. Whether I’m attending an empowerment/business conference or speaking on a panel to young college students on behalf of Starcom, each experience has shaped me into a better member of the Starcom community.”

– Xica, Associate Director

“One of the most important things I’ve learned at Starcom is attitude goes a long way. There are always stresses in the workplace, but when team members come in with a great attitude, it can be really infectious. Those individuals can really inspire you.”

– Raymond, Analyst

“What I love about Starcom is that I am given the opportunity to work on a business that I’m truly passionate about with a voice that is heard and respected. You receive recognition for the work that you do and have a supportive team of leaders giving you all that you need to be successful in the role that you are in and beyond.”

– Lindsay, Associate Director

“Since starting at Starcom, my experience has been nothing but top notch. I have previously worked at many different agencies, and I can honestly say that I love the collaborative nature, camaraderie amongst teams, enthusiasm for the work, and the innovative culture.”

– Toby, VP/Director